Cadbury tracks sales calls to lift customer service.

The challenge

Cadbury provides on-road customer service to a vast network of outlets, including dairies, fruit and vege shops, convenience stores and supermarkets. Before the implementation of Xlerate’s solution, they had minimal visibility of activity out in the field. It was difficult to obtain accurate call coverage data to ensure that the members of their sales team were calling on customers consistently.

Our solution

In 2010 Cadbury invested in the Xlerate solution to enhance visibility of sales force activity. At present the solution is being used to enhance the visibility of the sales team, monitor consistency of customer calls and to ensure that the team is calling on all of their customers. In the future the solution will be used to plan the sales team’s route to market, for time and fuel efficiency.

  • Business benefits
  • In less than two days Cadbury was able to gain full visibility of its field operations.
  • The VIP tracker provides immediate and meaningful analysis of vehicle information.
  • Cadbury have created customer geo-codes, so that customers are shown on the digital map. This information is used to determine customer stop counts as vehicles enter and exit geo-boundaries.
  • Cadbury can measure actual stops vs. planned stops, to get a reliable indication of each sales rep’s performance. The ability to track discourages workers from skipping calls or using vehicles for travel other than to their assigned locations.
  • Cadbury can upload daily/weekly call plans into a centralized system to determine the most efficient route sequence for the scheduled calls.
  • Timely, consistent service enhances customer service and Cadbury’s reputation with the trade. To monitor this, data is recorded to indicate how much time has been spent at each customer’s location.
  • Cadbury can generate comprehensive reports and extract relevant data to analyze and measure performance.