Animal management company

Case studies that demonstrate the benefits of Xlerate solutions.

The challenge

Direct Service Solutions (DSS) provides management services to solve dog and stock animal problems, public complaints about animals, and dog registration compliances in various city and district councils within New Zealand. Before switching to an Xlerate solution, DSS used paper-based logs for data collection and entry. Every day more than 20 vehicles had to be organized and managed, along with their drivers.

Our solution

It’s been more than three years since DSS employed our solutions for vehicle tracking, job dispatch and status updates. By maintaining control, DDS has gained optimal utilization of their vehicles, personnel, fuel and other resources, resulting in a positive impact on their operational costs.

Business benefits

  • The job dispatch solution has helped DSS eliminate unnecessary paperwork. Jobs are organized and dispatched through an automated and integrated system.
  • The DSS base gets real-time updates on jobs being carried out by the mobile team.
  • Drivers are equipped with emergency panic buttons. When triggered, the button sends a message directly to the office. Assistance can be dispatched immediately.
  • Paperwork has been reduced because driver log details are automatically stored and information is available to be extracted when necessary.
  • Mobile radios are no longer needed for communication. DSS can communicate with their mobile team by text and voice, through the Xlerate solution.
  • Vehicle tracking and automatic recording of work hours has allowed DSS to pay out accurate overtime claims and ensure the consistent productivity of their workers.
  • The ability to track vehicle and set up alerts and notifications has helped DSS monitor personal use, speed, idling, travel time and more.